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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

MMM paid me 460 USD

Hello world, I am Akhmad Darmawan, I am participant of MMM Global, I am from Indonesia, I have a PH 240 USD on 29-10-2015 and I GH 460 USD on 01-12-2015. Thank you Mr. Sergey Mavrodi, Thank you MMM Global, Thank you all participant MMM Global, Together we can change the world.

The MMM Community shows constant progress and develops drastically! In order to encourage its member to take part in the system development and reward them for their active position,we elaborated the MMM Extra program. This program gives the participant the possibilityto get higher interest if they are actively involved in the development of the community.

The main goal of MMM Extra is to rewards participants for their systematical work aimed at the development of the mutual aid fund! Link http://guardlink.org/x33Al1 #MMMExtra #BTC


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